Personal Information
Name: Crislyn Anessa Desric Waryn
Birth Date: Year -9, Day 20 22:29:00
Death: None
Age: 20
Homeworld: Azbrian, Azbrian, Jospro
Race: Human/Corellian
Status: Single
Physical Information
Body Type: Slender Athletic
Height: 1.61 m or 5'3"
Weight: 48.98 kg or 108 lbs
Gender: Female
Hair/Hair Style: Medium Brown/Shoulder length
Eyes: Pale Green
Distinguishing Features:
Languages: Fluent:
  • Galactic Basic
  • Olys Corellisi (Old Corellian)
  • Sanyassan
  • Bocce
  • Sy Bisti
Father: Anakin Dex Waryn - Location: Unknown
Mother: Leila Jaed Desric Waryn - Location: Known

Crislyn Anessa Waryn born Crislyn Anessa Desric Waryn to her single Corellian mother Leila Jaed Desric Waryn on Day 20 of Year -9 on the planet of Azbrian in the Azbrian system of the Jospro sector. Crislyn was raised along with her sister Keeya on Azbrian. The two girls were extremely close throughout their childhood and even though separated by a warring galaxy they try to be as close as the millions of light-years will allow.

Combine Profile: Crislyn Anessa Waryn

History Edit

Early YearsEdit

Crislyn had a wonderful childhood growing up on the rich agriworld of Azbrian. Crislyn and her sister would often take a speeder to the tall grass fields on the outskirts of their town, usually spending days on end playing in the fields. As the girls grew up their mother insisted upon having them schooled properly. This, however, meant the girls would have to travel to the schools in the capital of the planet, due to the low educational standards of the schools in the small village that the Waryn's lived in.

When Crislyn was 9 she was enrolled in the Azbrian Academy in the capital. However, Keeya decided to stay behind and attend the schools of the village and help her mother in the mechanics shop that Leila worked in. This decision affected Crislyn intensely as she hadn't been without her sister for any long period of time and the Academy was in session for 8 months at a time. However, just as Crislyn was about to board the ship bound for the capital, Keeya gifted her sister with a box full of necklaces. Many made by Keeya herself at the workshop, others purchased for her sister. After exchanging their tearful good-byes the sisters parted, Crislyn for the academy and Keeya to stay to help out her mother. As the 8 month school season drug on Crislyn began to acquire an independent personality, a secluded girl who would do anything that needed to be done. Nearly 3 months into the school season Crislyn was enrolled by her instructors into the academy's Flight Training class, though the Headmistress saw Crislyn as a young 9 year old, she allowed the girl to be placed in the class.

At 9, Crislyn was the youngest sentient in the class, many others being of the more spacefaring races such as Duros, Devaronians, and even a few Gossams, however she had developed a knack for flying many types of craft, from small speeders to the larger freighters. After attending the academy for five years, before returning to her village permanently at the age of 14, she graduated from her many classes with Instructoral Honors. Upon graduation she received an anonymous gift from someone at the school. The gift being a restored Z-95 Headhunter, that only bore the initials of the gifter, however, Crislyn was sure it was from the Headmistress of the school.

When Crislyn officially moved back home, she came in a time of crisis for both her mother and her sister. The man who had employed Leila and Keeya for many years had been killed by a fallen engine and Leila was out of work. However, even worse off was Keeya, she had lost not only her mentor but the only father figure she had had in her 16 years of life. This spoke to Crislyn and changed her for the better. Not only was she the independent out-going girl she once was but she developed a sweet and loving side toward those she barely knew and made her bond with her sister like never before.

Crislyn dressed for an interview. Age 18. Sporting one of her many necklaces

The death took a toll on Keeya but brought the girls closer once again, giving them the adult relationship they share today.

The two girls made a pact later that same year, wanting their mother to not have to work another day. Crislyn and Keeya side-by-side moved around the planet taking odd jobs they would work together, Crislyn often piloting and Keeya often taking the more physical tasks upon herself, though this didn't stop the two girls from switching up the roles or their identities at times. After working for four years together, Keeya, at the age of 18 was accepted in the Rebel Alliance's Flight School and left Azbrian, her mother, and Crislyn behind to pursue her dreams in the galaxy's wide arms. With her sister gone, Crislyn moved to the capital, taking her mother with her and received a job in a grain-packing facility where she worked to support her, her mother, and the account that Crislyn and Keeya had setup for their mother.

Life ChangesEdit

After two years, Crislyn began to get restless, not wanting to pack grain for the rest of her life, and having been accepted to the Avance Coalition Academy, she took a few thousand credits from the family account, leaving the rest to her mother as planned and hired transport to Sanyassa.

Her journey beginning, Crislyn looks forward to attending the Avance Academy and joining the Avance Security Force, wishing to help protect the government that had protected her and her family for nearly 25 years.

Middle NameEdit

Crislyn was always particular about how her named appeared as a young child. This certain quirk has followed her even into adulthood, though many call her Crislyn or Cris, she always makes it known that she is Crislyn Anessa Waryn, not just Crislyn Waryn. Unknown to others as to why she makes this distinction but according to records of her life and to her sister, Crislyn has always wanted everyone to know her full name.

Career HistoryEdit

  • Avance Coalition*
    • Enrolled in the SRE Academy - Year 11 Day 21
      • Graduated from the SRE Academy - Year 11 Day 22
    • Accepted as a member of Avance Major House, House Asclepius - Year 11 Day 21*
      • Enlisted as a member of the Dar'Or System Governance under the House Asclepius controlled Caduceus Province - Year 11 Day 22*
    • Enlisted in the Avance Security Forces (ASF) - Year 11 Day 21
      • Enlisted as a Flight Corporal in the ASF Guardians-Alpha Group - Year 11 Day 22*

Positions still held denoted with an *